exhibition "D-Day" at the Centre Pompidou 2005

My desire was to translate a thought of design a little indirect ; a design that is not in the obsession of controlled shape, smooth and industrial ; a design that allows the human accident, elegance with ruggedness. Hence the choice of a typography which is now part of the standards of design - the Din - but treated in the headlines with fluorescent color and with stencil with sharp edges, as well as soft edges, the result of the imperfection of can spraying. Each title was surrounded by texts with different proportions, in black and white. The whole formed clouds of big green fluorescent titles which left room for a "handwork accident," the irregularity.

design of the exposition,
manifesto texts and scenography : Malte Martin
design of the 240-page catalogue : Malte Martin
with Juanma Gómez

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