the Royaumont Foundation, heritage and contemporary creation

An abbey in the greenery of the Oise, 50 km from Paris. A sublime heritage site which is now mostly a nursery of artistic creation directed by Francis Marshall in the network of the Cultural Centre of Encounters.

One of the institutions that has entrusted us its visual communication for more than twelve years. The bet is to articulate in the visual identity heritage and artistic creation. These two notions are always symbolized by an iconographic choice. An encouter between the upper and lower half of the layout and in the middle where the “r” of Royaumont forms the hinge.

This “r”, written in lowercase, embodies this modern identity that does not need the authority of a capital letter anymore. It is no more a standardized logo-cartridge placed up or down in a layout but is proudly put amidst all the visual compositions as the sign constituting an integral part of the image.

A work of a visual identity that requires an important photographic writing signed, for a long time, by Michel Chassat.

A graphic charter which has of course accompanied the evolution of the Foundation and its ambition to open up to new audiences.

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