a modular typographic game for each season

The Malakoff theatre built its visual identity of the past years with striking signs of vibrant colors. We propose to reposition the graphic charter towards the expression of diversity and inventiveness which are at the center of the future artistic programming.

Until now the image and the letter was separated in the visuals construction for the Theater 71. Now the image and title are one: We propose a modular typography that are graphic elements with which we compose customized musical notes, the melody, the rhythm and the color of each play.

The new system opens the possibility to compose all the posters in a set of modular typography. Thus avoiding the separation that previously existed between the iconographic posters for the long duration plays and the typographic posters of the other shows.

Each season we can recreate a new modular font allowing the theatre to remain surprising, to be able to renew itself from one season to another without losing its identity.


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