zebra crossing

Twice a year the City of Montpellier declares a neighbourhood a “Temporary Artistic Zone”, known by the French acronym ZAT. Artists take over the urban area during the special event to create multiform works that are offbeat and unlike any other. Under the artistic direction of Pascal Lebrun-Cordier, ZAT is experimenting with a new format that avoids the ‘heavy machinery’ of festivals and offers a journey through a district. 

Malte Martin, a ZAT partner artist, took on the challenge of sidestepping the usual poster-programme-web visual communication media. The logo is modular and redesigned for each ZAT with these colours, silhouette and ‘zebra stripes’. The last element can then be applied as part of the exhibition design to enhance the urban area and serve as a participatory resource for use by the general public: local stakeholders, shopkeepers, coordinators from associations, etc.



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