mapping graphic design research

The exhibition presents a snapshot of the research landscape in France prepared for the 2017 Biennal of Graphic Design in Chaumont. Drawing from approaches developed in neighbouring countries and farther afield, it aims to inform a broader audience about the reflexive dynamic fostered by emerging research programmes. The research projects and questions presented extend beyond the idea of graphic design as a decorative art to reassert the field’s fundamental role in social, economic, political and cultural issues. How can graphic design transmit knowledge? How can sign language be transcribed and annotated? How can design help further economic transition and environmental initiatives? What are the prerequisites for an archaeology of digital publications? How can graphic design help structure the shift from analogue to digital? All these questions are but a handful of examples of the close-knit interrelation between design and what László Moholy-Nagy would simply call “life”. 

curators: Vivien Philizot and Malte Martin
Le signe, National Graphic Design Center
from 13 May to 6 August


  • crédits

    commissariat: Vivien Philizot, Malte Martin
    textes: Vivien Philizot
    conception graphique: Vivien Philizot,
    assisté par Michaël Mouyal, Julienne Richard
    scénographie: Philippe Riehling
    relecture et corrections: Charlotte Bomy
    traduction  Birgitt Sørensen
    numérique: Juan Andres Gomez
    coordination: Département Collection,
    expositions et recherche du Signe

  • remerciements

    merci à toute l’équipe du Signe,
    Benoît Verjat, Catherine de Smet,
    Alice Savoie, Dorine Sauzet,
    Sarah Kremer,
    Alexandre Dimos (Éditions B42),
    Marc Monjou (Azimut),
    Jean-Louis Soubret (Communication & Langages),
    les éditions Pyramyd

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