we tell stories here

The project emerged from communication problems observed at theatres, whose messaging is too narrowly focused on existing theatregoers. Our entire approach aims to reach the broadest possible audience and direct our attention to the public at large, while maintaining a keen eye that avoids the commonplace.

The name change led to a new logotype design. The architectural shape of the typography forms a striking silhouette somewhere between a nest and a cabin – a nod to this wooden theatre on the outskirts of the city.

The identity in the poster and cover visuals conveys an artistic flourish that pulls you in. Makes you want to come face to face with an artist’s vision of the world. A vibrant, thoughtful vision. A flurry of symbols in public spaces that hit you almost like a punch.

This evocative touch aims to create a sign that forms an intriguing connection between the title and the pattern, or to stimulate a thought-provoking reaction from the sign itself. It arouses your curiosity without giving away too much, making you want to know more. The narrative created by the signs mirrors the vision of Jean Boillot, who we drew on the walls surrounding the theatre: We tell stories here.

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