‘couleurs bobigny’ (bobigny colors)

The greeting ceremonies of the municipalities have turned into barren rituals aiming at 'the significant' gathered in ballrooms of City halls. The decision of the Mayor of Bobigny, popular suburb near Paris, to address herself to all of its citizens and to invite everyone to celebrate the new year in the public square is a cultural revolution in this context.

For a graphic designer, it was no longer about making a beautiful consensual greeting card. The idea of just designing posters to invite people to the party would have been below the challenge. Hence my idea to speak to all the inhabitants with an editing object delivered in all the mailboxes. A visual and literary notebook, which told –in a variety of languages– the values of human dignity and social justice  defended by the municipality.

A notebook that invited Balbiniens (the citizens of bobigny) to write down their wishes for 2012. And throughout the city a visual journey was announcing the color, the colors of  Bobigny which were of course also the colors of the party.

Pas d'actualité pour l'instant…