écouter pour voir is a visual creation studio.

Malte Martin Design Studio becomes ÉCOUTER POUR VOIR and combines Malte Martin, Vassilis Kalokyris and Benjamin Fernandes signatures. Our editorial projects, posters, visual identities, signage and images are all rooted in a guiding principle: visualise by listening.

When we discuss a project with our clients, we like to delve into their culture. The insights gained from the dialogue between the commissioning party and the graphic designer are vital to the success of the signs and images created for users.

From the design phase through to follow-up on production, we take the time to craft thoughtful graphic creations imbued with the conversations and context surrounding the commission. The final product is more than the sum of its parts; all production resources are used to optimal effect to ensure the project is a success.

We also provide visual design consulting and strategy, because there are many factors and a wider context that shape each graphics project. A work of graphic art may make an immediate impact, but the philosophy behind the work is what ensures it has a lasting effect.

The studio has proven experience in contemporary art, theatre, music, dance and identities in a broad sense. Malte Martin’s work at Agrafmobile has led him to study signs in public spaces and urban rehabilitation. Agrafmobile also serves as a space for research with artists and researchers that explores new technologies from a conscientious perspective. It’s a laboratory that builds on the solutions developed for commissions.

The studio takes a forward-looking approach with a meticulous focus on its overall visual environment and visual communication as a whole, as well as public policy and societal issues.

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