a signage that makes a sign

The ‘Pole Molière’ in Mureaux is a public service complex in a neighborhood under renovation: nursery, kindergarten, primary school, multifunctional rooms, restaurant, café ...

The specifications of the 1% required a system of signage that comes to embody the entire pole.

We have proposed an intuitive building material which each inhabitant of Mureaux will be able to make more and more their own: a vocabulary of simple shapes - round, square, triangle, rhombus - where each building will have its color and its shape.

Instead of being considered as an object,  as added furniture, this signage-sign is conceived in echo and interaction with the architectural gesture. These forms run along the walls, the windows, the floor of the pole ... and thus deploy a plastic composition within the space. In art it is the universal vocabulary of modern utopias.

For the child it is the symbol of awakening activities. For other users it is synonymous with a multitude of activities that can be offered to Pole Molière.

écouter pour voir

L’atelier graphique Malte Martin se nommera dorénavant écouter pour voir,
notre leitmotiv depuis toujours. À cette occasion, Vassilis Kalokyris rejoint Malte Martin comme associé après plus de dix de collaboration.
Ci-dessus la dernière création pour le théâtre Olympia de Tours.

À leurs côtés, Benjamin Fernandes, designer graphique, et Sarah Menouer, chargée de production et de développement, complètent l’équipe.
Un réseau important de collaborateurs free-lance nous accompagne dans nos missions.

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