bobigny monde

bobigny world city

The communication for a city, a community is, nowdays, often a tedious exercise, with a consensual content, without any risk.

Bobigny is still one of those cities that continue a fine tradition of popular suburbs around Paris and communicate with a less conventional way.

The city hosted in 2003 the European Social Forum and wanted to communicate the event loud and clear to all its citizens. We responded with a sign that transformed the city logotype into a multicolor alter-world proclaiming “Bobigny World City” that fitted the image of its citizens of all origins.

bobigny: tomorrow’s being invented here!

Visual proposition for the announcement of a residents’ consultation concerning the future town project (2007).


on réinvente l’agora

«paysage modulaire, une forêt urbain.», un film signé Célia Pernot.

Découvrez l’ensemble de cette coopérative artistique «on réinvente l’agora» sur invitation de la Maison des Métallos en septembre 2019 sur la nouvelle page du site. Une expérience à la croisée des arts visuels, du design social et de l’urbanisme transitoire.