theatre in all shapes and forms

When Jacques Vincey took the helm of Centre dramatique de Tours, a performing arts venue in the Loire region, we proposed a new name and a new way to “talk” theatre. Blending elements from English tabloids, literary manifestos and Dadaist pamphlets, the typographic visuals are expressive, eye-catching and provocative. Come and see for yourself at Théâtre Olympia, or T°, for those in the know.

The theatre enjoys a strong following among performing arts aficionados but, like many cultural venues, is viewed by some as inaccessible, elitist and boring. The challenge is to once again reach younger audiences – those who identify least with theatre culture. More direct, spontaneous language was needed to mark a departure from the formal and academic. A play on the graphic style of popular poster formats for flea markets and nightclubs was used in the textual elements to break down the intimidating aspects of literary visual cues.