library the ‘Merle Moqueur’ (the teasing blackbird)

The 'Merle Moqueur' is a mascot of the City of Paris, one of the first self-management experiences of modernity.

It is he who gave the name to this great bookstore in Paris, in Bagnolet street and in the cultural site of the 104. How to embody this symbol without any archaism and design it as a sign rather than as a nice gentle illustration.

The stencil, black or red fluorescent, keeps its insolence to this bird and combines with a typographic identity with high contrasts of black and white.

on réinvente l’agora

«paysage modulaire, une forêt urbain.», un film signé Célia Pernot.

Découvrez l’ensemble de cette coopérative artistique «on réinvente l’agora» sur invitation de la Maison des Métallos en septembre 2019 sur la nouvelle page du site. Une expérience à la croisée des arts visuels, du design social et de l’urbanisme transitoire.