Signage for the headquarters of Cartier in Paris was an important challenge, beyond the functionality for international visitors to be able to find their buildings.

Cartier moved from its former 'Haussmannian' site into a new bloc of offices with no special characteristics. They then sought, through the signage that welcomes their visitors, to inhabit that space.

Our response was these glass steles that seem to emerge of the ground without any pedestal, staking a journey, punctuating space. The names of these precious gems, written in the glass, name the buildings while keeping an elegance that is not too much.

on réinvente l’agora

«paysage modulaire, une forêt urbain.», un film signé Célia Pernot.

Découvrez l’ensemble de cette coopérative artistique «on réinvente l’agora» sur invitation de la Maison des Métallos en septembre 2019 sur la nouvelle page du site. Une expérience à la croisée des arts visuels, du design social et de l’urbanisme transitoire.