from the artistic interrogation to the popular exclamation

    At night, the 'CNAC' (National Centre for Circus Arts) emits signs. 
    Abstract at first, they progressively form a question: "What circus?" and then transform themselves in an exclamation "What a circus!".

    Every day this contemporary school of circus, questions its subject "What circus?". The essence of a place that daily reinvents practices, approaches, the contours of its art.

    This question is not separated from the pleasure of live performing arts, from the popular tradition of the circus, from the movement between balance and downfall of the bodies that move, hop, jog ... well "what a circus!"

    Winner of the 1% artistic 'CNAC' contest in 2012.

    on réinvente l’agora

    «paysage modulaire, une forêt urbain.», un film signé Célia Pernot.

    Découvrez l’ensemble de cette coopérative artistique «on réinvente l’agora» sur invitation de la Maison des Métallos en septembre 2019 sur la nouvelle page du site. Une expérience à la croisée des arts visuels, du design social et de l’urbanisme transitoire.