the choreography of clouds

Dance is often represented in visual communication by photographs of a show with the risk to associate the festival to a particular gesture. The other option is that of abstract graphic constructions escaping a direct representation, but with the risk of disembodied formalism. For the 32nd edition the bias was to take  an art-work as a starting point. This certainly involved risks, like those of the adequacy of the art-work with the constraints of visual communication, but allowed first and foremost an alternative approach that has eluded two pitfalls outlined above to build on sensitive material, a plastic approach which translated the spirit, the smell, the sensitivity of the ‘Hivernales’ (Hibernal) festival and of the CDC. I propose therefore to extend this approach in the following proposals which are thought as visual concepts to be developed over several years.

The full of imagery name of the ‘Hivernales’ opens a celestial poetry; skies as vectors to embody the choreography of the clouds, the atmosphere of a season in every sense of the word.

The logo-sign of the ‘CDC – les Hivernales’ could be the crossing a root identity and of an identity rhizome. I think we are still in a phase of transferring the influence of the 'Hivernales' festival towards the Centre which embodies the permanence of a welcome and training site, a platform for exchange and development. Thus the identity that is still partly embodied in the festival will gradually be transferred to the CDC and will allow the festival to operate at its essence, to fully play its exploratory role .


fabrique de la ville, fabrique de cultures

Faire la ville autrement, en plaçant la création artistique et la vie culturelle au cœur de la fabrique urbaine, c’est le projet Fabrique de la ville, fabrique de cultures, un ouvrage collectif dirigé par Michel Duffour et Danielle Bellini, dans lequel des maires de la région parisienne témoignent, aux côtés d’artistes, d’acteurs de la culture et de l’urbain, des politiques culturelles menées dans des villes de la région parisienne.

C’est aux côtés de nombreuses personnalités inspirantes qui œuvrent à la fabrique de la ville et des cultures, que Malte Martin a contribué à cet ouvrage avec l’article “Pour un laboratoire des Communs et de la création urbaine”. Article disponible ici.

Fabrique de la ville, fabrique de cultures, éditions du Croquant, 2020.
Avec la participation de: Juliette Bompoint, Fazette Bordage, Patrick Bouchain, Patrick Braouezec, Laurence Dupouy-Veyrier, Daniel Jeanneteau, Pascal Le Brun-Cordier, Maud Le Floc’h, Patrice Leclerc, Fabrice Lextrait, Pierre Mansat, Malte Martin, Valentine Roy…

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