orchestras of Radio France

How to embody music?

With the delight of composing color into musical lines that will characterize the orchestras according to the seasons, will form a chromatic landscape that will embody the pleasure of music lovers.

And these colors become codes punctuating the layout of publications guiding them through concerts, performers, dates ...

A vision initiated by Marc-Olivier Dupin director of the orchestras and France Musique and continued by Jean-Pierre Le Pavec.

Developed with the refinement of Christian De Pange, communications manager who accompanies us through the intricacies of this great home.

france musique

Marc-Olivier Dupin asked us, at the same time, to think in parallel and in coherence the identity of France Musique and a communication campaign. We probably upset the marketing habits of the communication pole of the great house: the desired audience of France Musique said “I” and expressed their musical emotion with insolent freshness of a naked young man who rose, a grimacing child, a punk in tears or an old lady reaching out her ear ...

It was only partially diffused ... lack of means it seemed.

mots voyageurs #2

Pour ce projet, initié par Malte Martin, chaque jour du mois de septembre, deux mots seront affichés avec une présentation étymologique pour retracer leur voyage avant d’arriver dans la langue française.

Pour cette installation, qui célèbre ainsi le métissage de la langue commune, nous avons eu le plaisir de recevoir des créations de graphistes et de typographes du monde entier.